Personality Testing

Personality testing refers to techniques that are used to accurately and consistently measure personality. Personality is something that we informally assess and describe every day. When we talk about ourselves and others, we frequently refer to different characteristics of an individual’s personality. Psychologists do the same thing when they assess personality but in a much more systematic and scientific level which will give you precise and helpful aspects of your personality.

Psychological Testing

A psychological assessment evaluates thinking, learning and behaviour. The assessment includes interviews, observation, testing and consultation with our professionals involved in your wellbeing.We offer complete psychological testing: including testing for intelligence, personality, projective techniques, testing for psychopathology, etc. Detailed customized evaluation of the test and reports are provided.

Career Counselling and Guidance

Individual and Group Career guidance and counseling programs are conducted. The programs we conduct are for schools, colleges and educational centers especially beneficial for students from 10th and 12th standard but also can be extended to other age groups as per requirements. The program includes a detailed psychological assessment including aptitude testing in nine areas of human potential, assessment of interest/liking of the individual, candidate’s personality and intelligence. The assessment can also be extended to include important aspects like Adjustment and coping patterns, Attributional patterns and career preferences, etc. Assessment would include evaluation and compilation of the assessed areas to provide holistic consultation and counseling sessions with the candidates and parents to assist in the choice of their most beneficial and suited career preference based on the evaluated profiles.

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